One Piece MegaHouse #ACBA Collection

So I bought a few Megahouse Variable Action Heroes (VAH) figures from one of my favorite animes, One Piece.  It is also the longest running anime series to date! Just for fun, I tried taking photos of them – A.C.B.A. style! For those who don’t know yet, Articulated Comic Book Art is a new form of art which basically uses (but not limited to) miniature action figures, dioramas, scaled props and sometimes paper cut-outs as its medium. I’m loving the art and I’m still trying to learn & explore things along the way. So far, here are some of my Megahouse works. Hope ya like it! #IRepACBA

IMGP9902 - OKFINAL - IMGP9558IMGP9632 cropped okIMGP9618 portraitIMG_6191 copy

C-side — a term used for shots showing your whole setup to make the viewers understand how you executed your work. I forgot to mention above that ACBA doesn’t ban the use of Photoshop, but, as much as possible… DON’T. So C-side shots are also important. Check mine below.




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