FUBU x FLYD Collection

efa72f4da9924a98b045a8e97bed2135Selected designs I did for Fubu Manila.
1sthanddrwnfb wpres locropfubu feel tips LO RECLOREDIMGP6459 ok wpres locamou wpres lowSCAN 548 829*Bird character by 123Klanfbird wpres loSCAN 654 006 lvldbirdiecollage 2 copy wpres lobirdiecollage 1 copy wpres loIMGP6346 wpres loHPIM0705 lvld wpres ok iiIMGP6311 wpres lograffubu wpres lo05973f9495b04cfc94ed1009d7b0fbc0nyfbnvyblu wpres lo0bdf03d43a90d92db5c4f24ecb45bc8cpanyoeffect wpres loIMGP7206 wpres lolito camo wpres lo2a550069c8f311515391f788e85003e7fbrand wpres lowpres loCheck out Fubu Manila’s TVC featuring some of my works

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.43.13 AM


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