The Fly Farm

IMGP6618 cropIMGP6629IMGP6633IMGP6637IMGP6656 Peppers will be planted here soonIMGP6653Columbitin House 30% completeIMGP6659IMGP6662Grilled Catfish -so tasty!IMGP6674Ateth’s first driving lessonIMGP6718Mount Bangkay  – Locals say a woman jumped off a cliff in that mountain, hence its name Mt. Corpse IMGP6725 adjIMGP6723 adj

Dad sleeping under a mango treeIMGP6698Click photo to zoom goat’s assIMGP6686 cropLive dalagIMGP6680Dead dalagIMGP6856IMGP6882 lvldIMGP6906IMGP6917IMGP6930Margarita, the carabaoIMGP6941Century-old sampaloc treeIMGP6949IMGP6979 adj flickrIMGP6999 flickrTwo of a hundred mango trees
IMGP6985 lvldIMGP7000IMGP7075 lvldIMGP7081Closer view of Mt. BangkayIMGP7083IMGP7091IMGP7094 flckrIMGP7128Young cows reaching for the mangoesIMGP7131Gamu-gamo at nightIMGP7135Headed home; A nice view of Mount Arayat IMGP7172 cropped


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