The Nameless

It’s a typhoon, it’s the dam — No, it’s…. nameless! August 7, 2012 – another tragic event similar to Ondoy occured that left Manila and other nearby provinces drowning in massive flood. The thing is it’s not a typhoon but just a monsoon (habagat) strengthened by a tropical cyclone in China named Haikui.

Like in Ondoy, water got inside our house. Though Ondoy‘s flood is higher and much more devastating, this nameless habagat‘s flood took longer to drain. Here are someย  pics I took inside our house during the monsoon’s madness: (These scenes reminds me of Chico Science‘s music video ofย  “Sink or Swim“)

The kitchenThe living roomLiving Room from another perspective


3 thoughts on “The Nameless

  1. Hi Daniel,

    What street in Vermont Park do you live, If I may ask?

    Do you know if Albany street has the same level as your street?

    Reason for asking kasi po is we’re currently looking at a property that is sold to us in Albany street, so I thought it would be great to hear from someone who actually knows the subdivision.

    Thanks and God bless.

  2. Hi Dan! Katukayo, I’m not sure if the flood there is as high as in our street, but Albany St. is just one left from the village’s main gate which doesn’t get as much flood as the other streets in the inner part of Vermont. So i think it’s not that bad. Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your response. Itatanong ko lang kung ano ang lagay ng street na yun, kung maingat/magulo ba or tahimik din kapareho ng ibang streets sa subdivision. Paki PM naman po ako please, may itatanong pa ako kung pwede.

    Salamat po.

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