RANT: I wanted a photo with Tom Denney or Jeremy but a pic with Kevin Skaff, present ADTR guitarist will dozzzzhpim0012MORE SERIOUS RANT: A fucking pickpocket took my iPod just before the breakdown of the intro of the first fucking song! And as the show goes on, more kids who spent cash for a goddamn “VIP” to have a great time get victimized by these thieves. More gadgets got snatched! What I don’t understand is how these kind of people manage to enter the fucking VIP area? I’m just glad one of them got caught and beaten. And to sum it up, at the middle of the show, Jeremy asked everyone in the bleachers to jump into the VIP area. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against it bec if I’m in the bleachers and I spent fewer bucks then that’s awesome as fuck but I didn’t… So truth be told, it hurts. To everyone who purchased VIP tickets & all the victims of this lowlife degenerate prick and his crew, let’s just get the fuck over it!


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