Practicing Digital Painting

The following artworks are all done with photoshop and a mouse.My very 1st digital painting. Dirtbag Dan is one of my favorite battle emcees. I like his music –and beard, and we’re both Daniel. Here’s a video of the process (Warning: Noob Content)

Bended Truth” – This is Brandon “The Truth” Vera with a broken nose after his fight with Thiago Silva. Thiago proved that the truth can be bent.brandon vera 10 FAPainting process…brandon vera WIP

An extra head seem to pop out of Mark Hominick‘s forehead after his title fight with Jose Aldo.hominick hematoma digital painting FA 012512 w signature LORES 4 WPRES

Definitely will! “Finger Licking Good”

Payback Time” – This one reminds me of the Hell Bovines in the famous RPG game – Diablo II. WIP – It all started with a crappy sketch…the hunter wip w lines

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