Practicing Digital Painting

The following artworks are all done with photoshop and a mouse.d0bba29822737My very 1st digital painting. Dirtbag Dan is one of my favorite battle emcees. I like his music –and beard, and we’re both Daniel. Here’s a video of the process (Warning: Noob Content)

Bended Truth” – This is Brandon “The Truth” Vera with a broken nose after his fight with Thiago Silva. Thiago proved that the truth can be bent.brandon vera 10 FAPainting process…brandon vera WIP

Definitely will! “Finger Licking Good”181bd89822737.562c48227b02d

Payback Time” – This one was inspired by the halberd-weilding-cows called Hell Bovines in the famous RPG game, Diablo II. WIP – It all started with a crappy sketch…the hunter wip w lines


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