Double Traverse! Pundaquit – Anawangin II

This is the second time I’m climbing Mount Pundaquit. The first didn’t went smooth, so this time around, hiring a guide is a big YES. We have to cross a small river at the foot of the mountain to climb Pundaquit and reach Anawangin Cove located at the other side of the mountain. Crossing the waters is our primary concern since a typhoon named Mina may strengthen the water currents. We almost cancelled the trip because of the danger, but what’s a 5-hour ride to San Antonio, Zambales to check the weather condition there ourselves.

It is really good news that some of the residents there told us that Zambales is not the center of the storm, and climbing Pundaquit is possible! Our plan is to reach the cove by traversing the mountain, camp overnight, then hire a boat from cove back to town – BUT due to strong waves, no boats are allowed to set sail. That means we have to climb the mountain back and fourth. Double traverse baby!

Aside from the white sands which are said to be ashes of the Mount Pinatubo eruption, Anawangin Cove is also known for the lush pine forest surrounding it.

The Cove viewed from Pundaquit’s summit (taken during the 2nd traverse going back to the jump-off point)


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