Travelpros Billboards

2008 Billboard. 30 x 17 feet


2009 Billboard. 30 x 17 feet


Below is just a study for the next Travelpros billboard concept. This got approved and so we went on with the photoshoot along with the company’s new endorser/s. Scroll down to see the final outcome.study4

2010 | 3.20m x 7.95m | click image to enlarge

Original stewardess uniform was pink, so I had to make it blend with the theme color.3pt20m x 7pt95m tiaong billboard san pablo now open reedit low wpresLamp post tarpslamp-post-study-3Backlit Poster40 x 60 inches tpi backlit FA SAN PABLO lowith models Jestoni AlarconGlennifer Perido after the photoshootjestoni


2 thoughts on “Travelpros Billboards

  1. i just want to ask how much will it cost for a ticket reservation from 3 August-23 August to Madrid including travel insurance just for the visa?

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