It’s a sunny Saturday, Marco & I were watching TV until we noticed a swarm of fairly thick smoke outside. We went out to check what’s happening. It’s the smell of burning rubber. From our perspective,  it looked like the smoke is coming from a house few blocks away. We rode a bike for a closer look, the smoke thickens as we get closer. “It’s not the house, it’s AMA Computer College!” I yelled after seeing a crowd standing on the rooftop of a five-storey school. I thought they’re gonna jump onto some trampoline before the whole building burns down. But I was wrong, as we drove our bike outside the village’s gate it gave us a clear picture of what’s really going on- it’s a burning truck in front of the school. I realized that the people on top of the building who I thought were trapped, were just like us– getting a peek at what’s hot.


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