Mt. Palali, Lenten Climb | Chastised by Nature

After a 7-hour trip to Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya, we reached Brgy. Madianggat – the jump off. Our group is arguing whether we’ll get a guide or not. We ended up hiring one because locals said there are a lot of confusing trails and several climbers already got lost before. Besides, we’re already an hour late on our itinerary, it’d be faster if backtracks would be avoided.


We were ten including two girls – eleven, plus the guide. Some of them have a really slow pace resulting us to break into two groups. The interval is really big that it would take us an hour or more if we wait for them. So “our group” just went on while leaving trail signs for the others.

We reached the grand view deck “Haring Bato” at around 5PM. The 360 degree view is magnificent.

At Haring Bato

Darkness bites and rain started to fall, the left out group still hasn’t catch up. One of my friends, Chong, suggested we leave Haring Bato, go down a little bit and set an emergency camp somewhere with trees. The others were too tired to go back down, now we’re divided to 3 groups; Chong and I went down to search for a good emergency camp spot.

Our night at the e-camp was horrible, we have a can of butane but we don’t have a burner (portable stove is packed by someone on the left behind group), all we have is a can of mushroom. It took us all night to open the can with a spoon. Things just got worst when water started getting inside our tent. We took off our socks and used it as sponge to absorb the water and squeeze it out of the tent. We couldn’t sleep because we’re wet & it’s extremely cold. I’m shivering and Chong actually thought I was dying.

Emergency Camp

We were regrouped on day two at our e-camp. Since the others don’t want to push through the summit, we decided to leave our bags at camp so the assault would be quicker. Only three of us pushed through – four plus the the guide. Reaching the water source and the “proper” campsite took an hour from the view deck. No one else is camping that time. The water is crystal clear and cold, the ambiance is so serene. There, we refilled our water bottles then continued assaulting to the peak for another hour. I was expecting a great view but I didn’t even know we were already at the top until the guide said that we’re already on it. The view is covered by trees and you have to climb on a branch tied horizontally on two other branches to have a peek. Though the view isn’t as great as the scenery in Haring Bato, I can’t say going to the summit isn’t worth it — because after all conquering a mountain top is a great achievement.

Day 2: Back to Haring BatoWater SourceCrystal ClearPalali CrabletAt the Summit

To sum it all up, I got cuts all over my hands and legs from thorny plants and talahibs (sharp grasses). This is probably a perfect climb for the Holy Week! Penitensya!


6 thoughts on “Mt. Palali, Lenten Climb | Chastised by Nature

  1. good day sir,

    would to ask for some info regarding this climb. meron po ba kayong naging contact dun na guides? and how much po yung rate nila? and kung pwede po ring malamang yung total budget na nagastos for this climb, planning to target this mt. next month. thanks po in advance sa reply!


  2. Ikabod,

    wala na po ako contact nung guide na nakuha namin, pero pag register nyo sa Brgy pwede kayo magtanong ng guides doon, 500 per day yung rate nung nakuha namin noon. Budget namin dito is 1,500 (may pa-sobra na yun) dala din kayo ng madaming tubig, kasi malayo pa yung water source, lagpas pa sa campsite. May madadaanan kayong mga stream sa bandang ibaba pero di ko sure kung potable

    hope this helped! goodluck sa climb! 🙂

  3. next time kailangan mag prepare before climbing..just imagine bringing
    a can of butane with out a burner, my goodness!

  4. Having climbed Mt. Pulag. Mt. Ugo, and Mt. Palali (among others) several times at at different seasons – all I an say is that Mt. Palali is the most “technical” – using our parlance in the Sang-at Salug Outdoor Club Inc. – Nueva Vizcaya. I salute all who have gone to Palali. We encourage more to go.

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